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The Capital Readers Choice 2017
The Capital Readers Choice 2017

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"Patient-Focused, Superior Health Care and Wellness"

A word from Dr. Kibby...

"As chiropractic healthcare providers, we understand and appreciate the fact that pain is different for each individual. Patients diagnosed with what appears to be the ‘same condition’ can respond very differently to the ‘same treatment’. For this reason, we look for and focus on the unique details of your case, because no two patients are exactly alike. As doctors, we ask ourselves, "What distinguishes this patient's condition in a unique way?", "What details does this patient show that are different?" We approach your evaluation with individual attention. You'll receive a customized and specific treatment plan based on your specific findings, not on a group of similar patients. A very specific diagnosis leads to improved results.

In addition, we collect your feedback during the treatment process, to modify and update your treatment, continually maximizing your progress. This provides you a much better opportunity to successfully meet your individual healthcare goals and desires.

And, that's our ultimate goal... "to guide you toward feeling and being the best you can be!"

We feel this is how all healthcare should be provided. It should be based on the special characteristics of each individual, reflective of their unique health history and focused on their personal health goals.

Finding a chiropractor, who understands the changing health care needs of growing families in a fast-paced world and stays current with the most up-to-date information and techniques, can be daunting task. For patients, filtering through mounds of information and understanding the application of that data, can be a painful process.

Therefore, we feel an essential part of our excellent service to you is to offer the latest techniques available, but with simple explanations, describing your condition and treatment in easy-to-understand terms. We use a lot of great analogies to help you reach that understanding. We'll stand side-by-side with you, showing you your X-rays and MRI's... pointing to your problem areas and relating them to your symptoms. Once we accomplished that, you'll also better understand the treatment recommendations. You'll have a strong sense of 'ownership' about your condition. It is, after all, your health we are dealing with! We think you'll want to understand your problem and your treatment in a way that makes you comfortable proceeding with the recovery process.

Our purpose for this website is to offer you an easy and convenient way to learn more about us and our patient-focused practice philosophy... and how our specific procedures, protocols and recommendations can help you with your particular condition.

We have worked diligently to develop a gentle, safe, and effective approach to delivering chiropractic health care that works for you and your family.

Our practice has been the mainstay of chiropractic care in our community for more than 27 years. We have built and maintained a positive reputation by taking care of our patients with the attention-to-detail and excellent quality that we would provide for our own family members.

We hope you schedule an appointment with us soon! You'll learn first-hand how receiving chiropractic care in our office can uniquely improve both your quality of health and enjoyment of life.

Come see for yourself!

Dr. Kibby

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